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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Republican's Kansas in the New York Times Tomorrow

The Republican's Kansas hits the Sunday New York Times in a pretty big way tomorrow with an article on the state in the rather prestigious front cover article of the New York Times Magazine.

The Kansas Experiment

Needless to say, given what that Right Wing political party, led by their governor, Sam Brownback, has done to the state and their finances and gun laws, etc., it isn't pretty. It's honest and truthful but certainly not pretty.

It's online now. You can read it at the link above.

Not to be done there, Kansas also gets fair and honest but critical treatment at the Atlantic, too, from last April, in case you missed it.

And then there's the Washington Post's evaluation a year ago in July.

Finally, at least for now, there is coverage from The Week, last April.

The one reason I think it's so very important to note the mistakes and failures of Governor Brownback's and the Republican's efforts in Kansas just now is no way to gloat over their being wrong, no. The reason it's important to point out these huge, ugly mistakes is because virtually every candidate for president in 2016 from the Republican Party are espousing the same, so-wrong, even ignorant policies that have gotten Kansas into the fiscal and financial mess they're in now. 

That is, the Republican candidates are still pushing "trickle down economics." They're emphasizing tax cuts for the wealthy. 

It's not just wrong but it's been proven wrong nationally as well as more locally in states. Kansas is certainly one of the biggest and worst---best?---examples. And Americans need to stand up, say as much and vote accordingly.

The NYT article, after reading it and after watching the Republican debates this last Thursday evening, make it clear---very clear--what a destructive, negative mess the entire political party is.

The Republican's and Right Wing's economics for the wealthy and corporations have not only been proven wrong by states like Kansas and Wisconsin and others where debt has been wrung up but it's also been disproven by states like California that did the opposite. That is, California raised taxes on the wealthy, grew their economy and paid off their debt. This from 3 days ago.

At long last, can we kill the "trickle down", "supply-side" economics nonsense?


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