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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Westport Gets National Kudos

Yahoo put this up a few days ago.

And for Missouri, it's Westport, they say.


Westport (Kansas City)

 A big thumbs-up to Cherokee Street in St. Louis for its Brooklyn-esque qualities, but Westport on the other side of the state is the spot. Westport is, first and foremost, an entertainment district. It’s where you party and eat like a king — at Port Fonda for Mexican, at Dave’s Stagecoach for the jukebox and a beer, at Kelly’s for a Guinness in a pub that’s been around forever but where the clientele has, well, shifted, and at Julep for a cocktail with an egg white in it. During the day there’s plenty to do as well, whether you want to search for an album at Mills Record Company to throw on your portable record player, grab a coffee at the 20+ year and still going Broadway Roasting, or get secondhand threads at Arizona Trading Company.

Just don't hang around late, after midnight, likely.

1 comment:

Byron Funkhouser said...

I saw this earlier, too. I thought about posting it in a comment on THKC where it would have been a real contrast to what the people in KCMO really think about Westport, or at least the "denizens" of the "last free speech zone".

Is the glass half full, or half empty? Is the cat dead, or still living? People who see the former are happy & optimistic. People who see the latter are unhappy, even angry, & judgmental. How angry they are depends on how much money they have. The more money they have, the angrier they are (they just can't keep good staff, you see.)