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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Who Knew Missourians Were This Racist?

I gave my home state more credit.

Too much, it turns out.

First this:


The first town that had the issue recently, that had 5 of 6 police officers resign because the new police chief is black was bad enough. Now this.

Then this, today, from St. Louis:

What took place:

ST. LOUIS • About a score of white supremacists and about 50 or 60 activists against racism spent a while trying to out-shout each other early Saturday afternoon on the west steps of the Old Courthouse downtown.
There was no physical contact but plenty of yelling through a steady rain from camps separated by barricades put in place by National Park Service rangers. Some rangers and city police officers watched from the periphery.
But wait. It gets better.  Check this out:
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nation obtained a permit to demonstrate at the landmark from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
The "Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nation.
I love how they had to get both Christ and Christian,  both, in the name, just to make sure we all know who they're supposed to be about.
Supposed to be, anyway.
I have to wonder, though.
Who would Jesus discriminate against?

1 comment:

Sevesteen said...

I think it's reasonable to give at least some credit if there are more counterprotesters than racist demonstrators--especially since it is all too common to import out of state loudmouth racists (or homophobes) for demonstrations.