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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kansas' Tax Woes, Come to Roost

So Kansas' Republican Governor Sam Brownback and all the Republican, Right Wing legislators over in Topeka got their way and slashed taxes for the wealthy and corporations with the promise it would bring business and tax money to the state's coffers.

We've all seen how that's turned out:

This was from April last year:

This is from last August:

This is from this past January:

And it was what Governor Brownback was warned of, as we know.

So this is what the Guv proposed to "fix" the budget/money problem:

And this, then, is the latest result of all this fiscal irresponsibility:

So once again, this disproves the whole "trickle down" theory of government, of course. Slashing taxes for the wealthy and corporations does NOT create opportunity or even, as this shows, good, working budgets for governments to work on and function. And schools and education and the people will suffer. Terrific.

Not to be done there, California's example and situation also totally disproves the Ronald Reagan era, "trickle down" fallacy:

How Kansas and California Debunked the GOP's Tax Cuts

What a whole lot of us out here would love to see come from all this is the following:

1) Kansans and any other state going down this path need to learn from and stop this madness and, again, irresponsibility. Sure, a lot of damage has been done but next time around, here's hoping they learn or better yet, have already learned, and they vote the Republican tax slashers out;

2) That Americans, the nation over, see and learn this lesson, these lessons, so we no longer fall for this ridiculousness and we get on a path of working together and being responsible and, almost better yet, holding the wealthy and corporations responsible, too, for their very fair share of our nation's debt and expenses and functioning. And by this, I no way mean anything extraordinary or disproportionate to what they should or need to pay in taxes. We have schools and highways and bridges and sewers and airports and all kinds of infrastructure we need in order to function as a society. Their paying a bit in some cases, because they pay nothing, should no way be too much to ask of them.

Now let's hope Missouri and Jefferson City doesn't try to follow this ignorant, dangerous, irresponsible path.

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