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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Gross, Right Wing, Republican, Tea Party, "Small Government", Missouri Hypocrisy

The stupid and hypocritical, it burns. And it's out of our own Jefferson City:

Congratulations, Missouri, you hit the news again. Check this out:

In complete contradiction of the Republican ideology of free markets, Republican lawmakers in Missouri want to prevent health insurance companies from competing for customers and giving Missourians the most affordable options for health insurance. You'll be shocked to know where it's coming from.
A bill introduced Monday by a Missouri lawmaker appears designed to terrorize insurers into no longer providing insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Should it be enacted, it could potentially impose crippling financial sanctions on any insurer who does sell Obamacare plans in Missouri. The bill closely tracks a proposal by a staffer at a conservative think tank who is heavily involved in efforts to push state lawmakers and the courts to undermine or even rewrite segments of the Affordable Care Act.
Though the bill’s key provisions are unlikely to have much effect at all under the Affordable Care Act as drafted, they could potentially impose enormous financial costs on insurers who sold plans in health marketplaces authorized by Obamacare if a Supreme Court case seeking to gut much of the Affordable Care Act succeeds. One of the leading advocates behind that lawsuit is the same think tank staffer who proposed state legislation mirroring this bill. […]
The bill closely resembles a 2013 proposal by Michael Cannon, a health policy staffer at the Cato Institute who is also one of the architects of the King litigation. Cannon’s proposal calls for states to enact legislation providing that "if any insurance carrier licensed by the state accepts" subsidized premium payments under the Affordable Care Act, then "the state will partially suspend the insurer's license immediately and until the insurer returns that remuneration to its source and represents that it will decline any such remuneration in the future." In essence, Cannon seeks to cut off the subsidies by forcing insurers to return them to the federal government or else they lose their ability to do business in the state.
It reminds me of what then-President George W. Bush and his Republican cohorts did when in office, making it illegal for the government to negotiate lower prices for drugs for Americans.

This, folks, is why we need to kill campaign contributions so we can get government back for the people and not for the wealthy and corporations.

Quick, someone tell me again why I would want to vote Republican?

1 comment:

Laura U said...

How does this support business in Missouri? How does this hurt business in Missouri? How come we keep voting these people in office?