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Sunday, December 14, 2014

But did you see what Congress GAVE THEMSELVES in that budget bill?

Sure, there's the awful stuff of giving the big banks yet more carte blanche to use and abuse Americans, to the tune of millions and billions of dollars---that they wrote themselves, at least in part--that was in that omnibus budget bill this weekend. Sure, that was horrible.

And then there was the further uncapping of limits corporations and the wealthy could spend on and in our elections so they can buy them and our representatives and so, our legislation and laws so they can keep our government and keep it in their own pockets.

Sure. That's all horrible and shouldn't be in there, shouldn't have taken place. That was all bad enough, right/

But did you see this? Did you see what Congress put in this clusterpuck for themselves?

Spending bill includes $1,000 monthly subsidy for Congress to pay for their cars

Wouldn't it be great to be in Congress so you could hand yourself an additional payout, at nearly any time, year after year?

And this on top of their rather hefty salary, full expense account, travel and franking (postage) included, the ability, again, at virtually any time, to create a travel junket to go really any safe place in the world, in the name of "research" for your job? And then get a big, fat, again, hefty pension, to boot? Added to that the ability to raise your own salary? 

It doesn't get any better than being a member of the US Congress. Not when it comes to taking care of and paying yourself.

Do you think they wonder why Americans have such a low opinion of them?

The good news? All Americans, on the Right or Left, the middle, everyone, surely agrees this is wrong. 

And deeply so.

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