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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Another high profile Republican in trouble in Kansas?

All kinds of media outlets have covered Republican Governor Sam Brownback's troubles of late, some of them state budget, some of them popularity--or lack of it--at home, with voters, all kinds of things.

What's been a bit quieter is also Republican Senator Pat Roberts' issue of how much time he does (doesn't?) spend in his state.  This, fresh out today from The Daily Kos:
Pat Roberts

With the Kansas primary only a month away, it  looks like Senator Pat Roberts  has "Lugared" himself with what the right-wing media outlet called a "Freudian slip" in an interview on radio station KCMO and reported on July 3 in the DC insider newspaper The Hill saying he returns home to Kansas “every time I get an opponent”  and proclaiming that he doesn't measure his voting record by "how many times I sleep wherever it is."

What's great about this is that he, in effect, recreated or reignited this problem himself. Then, that he did it, too, on a Republican- and Right Wing-friendly source like Breitbart?  Priceless.

God, I love these people.

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