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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Missouri, via Jeff City, in NY Times today

And naturally, Mizzou is in the Times because the state representatives in Jefferson City keep going further and further out to the Right (Wing):

After a battle over a tax-cut measure, animosity has come to characterize relations between Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, and the Republican-controlled Legislature.

What the bill would have done:

The legislation will reduce the top individual income tax rate to 5.5 percent, from 6 percent, starting in 2017, provided state revenue is growing. It also provides a 25 percent deduction for business income reported on personal tax returns.

So once again, the Republicans are for giving tax cuts to the already-wealthy and to corporations which puts further burden on the middle- and lower-classes. You know, to you and me, the ones out here with not that much money anyway.  Yeehaw, right?

And with Kansas' situation as a terrific, current example, here's why it shouldn't go forward:

After the override vote, Governor Nixon, who has warned that the tax cut would hurt efforts to pay for education and downgrade the state’s credit rating, issued a terse statement calling the legislation “a very real threat to the principles of fiscal discipline that have helped us maintain our spotless AAA rating for decades.” Moody’s downgraded Kansas’ credit rating last week, citing its recent tax cuts, pension liabilities and spending on schools.

I'm telling you, we have to get more people from the center, more moderates down in the state capital.

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