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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Quote of the day -- on being Americans

We rise or fall as one. 
We can achieve greatness when we step back from ourselves, and realize a simple truth, our own minds lie to us far too often. The fears we often believe so deeply are often simply figments of our imagination, reinforced by others who hold the same fears. They are lies. We have little to fear other than ourselves.
It is our collective intelligence that has moved our society forward, and individuals, no matter how intelligent or innovative, only succeed based on helping others. We no longer live in an age where power needs to be derived from ruthlessness or fear, but today, it's a time where success is forged out of hope and love, the betterment of others lives.
Call it a religious belief, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, call it humanism or Americanism. Call it what you will, but this simple truth is the only thing that has allowed our species to prosper is our desire to be there for others. Ignoring this truth, often covered by the pursuit of excessive profit for the sake of profit, has created far too much suffering in our age.
We have come through a time where others need to be looked at as adversaries. The connectivity of our species, and the promise of even more in the days to come, provides us with the tools to realize and achieve this truth of all humanity, that there are no others, but one species, pursuing the same goals on this earth, happiness.
We must look towards others to help, with the knowledge that a strengthened mutual dependence will provide a better life for us all. We need to end the societal mentality, where the driving force is greed, where "others" are looked at as adversaries. We are all of the same origin and nearly all identical, despite appearances.
When we once again, as a society, find joy in the non-material pleasures in the world around us, judge our success not by the amount of our own financial success, but by the amount we improve others lives, we will begin to rebuild our society into something we all can be proud of.
We will fulfill the promise of America that Thomas Paine wrote about in Common Sense all those years ago, awakening a sleeping peoples that they did not have to live as servants, but be in the natural state of humankind, achievable in America, where we all can live in peace, liberty, and pursue our happiness, in a society where we, the people, direct our destiny.
Break free of the old mindset and we can begin the process of fulfilling the American promise, for all humankind. 

The time is now to start.

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