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Saturday, August 10, 2013

America, the world's warmonger

Yessirree, Bob.

Good ol' America, the beautiful.


Isn't that who we are?

 Former leader of the Free World, for peace. Now the world's warmonger, as we have been and have become, in the last few decades. We outspend everyone, every other nation on the planet, many times over, on spending for war.

Think we're not?  Want proof?

Well, then, here you go, as posted by none other than the Iraq Veterans Against the War :

Iraq Gets $2 Billion Weapons Package from the Pentagon

Does that make sense to anyone out there?
And the only way it will change, folks, is if we, the people, stand up, organize, and demand an end to it.
All of it.


Byron Funkhouser said...

Like most wars the one in Iraq & the one in Afghanistan will be anti-bell-um.

Giving Iraq $2B is the same as giving it to Iran. We forgot that Saddam was supposed to be a buffer between Syria & Iran.

Al-Qaeda is alive & well, & living in Yemen. Shall we invade there next?

Remember the 'Peace Dividend'? It was supposed to be invested in this country's infrastructure. Does the military-industrial complex really want peace?

Kevin E said...

We all know the answer to that last question.