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Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Paper Moon", 1973

Filmed, in large part, an hour North in certain people's hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri, for what it's worth. A great film, for sure.


Donna said...

Cliff and I have never been big on going out to the movies, but this is one we saw, mainly because I read the book on which it is based. As is always the case, the book (Addie Pray) is much better. Still, if you had never read the book, the movie is perfection.

Mo Rage said...

Well, since it was filmed in our hometown, we HAD to see it. It was great fun to see our place up on the screen.

That said, I thoroughly loved it for the story itself, the way it was shot, the characters and the way they were acted--all. Tatum ONeal seemed not only good but as though she was enjoying it and Madeline Kahn was another hoot. I can hardly say enough good things about it, really. and the era--the Depression--they covered looked well done in the film and it also always fascinated me.