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Sunday, July 8, 2018

They're Going to Remodel the Folly Theater's Lobby?

A rendering of the renovated Folly Theater lobby. The theater, which opened in 1900, will be closed until Sept. 8, 2018 to undergo a $2.5 million renovation.

From the Star today.

Folly Theater closed until September for $2.5 million renovation

So they're going to remodel the lobby of our venerable, loved Folly Theater. We're told it's to give it more room.

All well and good. Fine. Okay.

But one of the reasons we love the Folly is because it's traditional and older and beautiful.

From the looks of this diagram from Helix Architects, above, it seems they're going to strip all that away, strip it bare, and make it modern, if not very, very modern. To the point of stark.

And this is an improvement?

Really, Helix?

To the Folly Board of Directors, if you can't do it right and fully and completely and in keeping with the building and its original architecture...

why do it at all?

Abomination much?

Sacrilege much?

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