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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Look Who Was In Town Yesterday

So I ran to the grocery yesterday morning here in Brookside at the Price Chopper. I got what I needed quickly, came out and who was there?

None other than our own come and go Clay Chastain, in the flesh.

He seemed to be approaching (accosting?) people, yet one more time with one of his seemingly countless, endless petitions, no doubt for light rail in the city.

What is it about this guy? What does he have in for Kansas City? What is his goal? What's with the cross-country preoccupation?

I wish someone like Steve Kraske on KCUR or someone, somewhere would interview this guy and ask him what he and this is all about. I'd love to know. It's never ending.

And the heck of it is, I'm personally all for mass transit.

But what is it with his obsessive preoccupation with it all and this city?

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Nick said...

More importantly, who dresses him? A 5-year old?