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Friday, June 8, 2018

Donald Trump and His Very Bizarre Treatment of the G-7 Meeting

Breaking news this morning, again, on this President Donald John Trump and his antics.

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First this, the coward leaves the G7 Summit early.

Trump to leave G7 summit early amid feud with world leaders, 

calls Trudeau 'so indignant'

He clearly resents Canada's Trudeau being "indignant." Yeah, imagine that. The Orange One chooses to arbitrarily, out of the blue, raise tariffs on products on an ally and neighbor, Trudeau's nation, and he's surprised he, Trudeau, is upset. In this case, Trudeau's being indignant is an extremely natural result and outcome of his, Trump's, actions.

And then, the second headline today due to The Orange One, is this.

Trump says Russia should be at G7 meeting

Just who, exactly, is this Donald Trump working for, anyway? 

It seems he doesn't know Russia's Vladimir Putin sees himself as our own, sworn national enemy and would like nothing better than for us to fail at any and every endeavor we undertake.This seems to be yet more evidence of this Republican Party President not knowing any national and/or international history whatever.

Republicans. Really. Seriously. Could you please, please reign in this idiot, this dolt of yours?


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