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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Republicans? Really??

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, points to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, left, during a rally in the Hoosier State. (Photo: Reuters)

Think about this.

Locally, on the state level, and on the national level, what do Republican government representatives get us?

Let me give you some very recent examples. We have to look no farther than neighbor Kansas for some real beauties, to start.

In 2012, very Right Wing, "conservative" and Republican Governor Sam Brownback and his Republican Party statehouse members slashed taxes for the state for the already-wealthy and corporations. The results are now famous and disastrous.

The GOP Tried Trump-Style Tax Cuts 

in Kansas. What a Mess

I could post yet more but it would be overkill.

Then there's what the current Republican President and his Republican Party allies recently, infamously did in Congress with their very similar tax cuts for the, again, already-wealthy and corporations.

Senate tax bill would cut taxes of wealthy and increase taxes on

 families earning less than $75,000 by 2027

And here is what this tax plan will do.

Why stop there? Why not also effect people's health insurance and health care?

And this. Keep in mind, this is from the people who are supposed to be crazy about our national debt.

1.4467 trillion, 1.7 trillion.  Let's not quibble.

So that's what they do to us, we citizens, by state and nationally. Now, this is who they are personally.

Those are just two of the many I could post. That's enough. It shows who and what he is.

Then there are these guys, these also Republicans.

Remember Mr. "Wide Stance", back in 2007? Senator Larry Craig?

More recently, there's this guy--

That wasn't bad enough, the guy not only did this but was into sex trafficking, to boot.

Then there's this one, from Ohio.

Now, lately, recently, here on the Missouri, state level, we just had this little revelation from our new gonzo Governor Greitens.

I love this headline, true as it is.

Not only did he have an affair, which he admitted to, he's accused of trying to blackmail her--with pictures, I understand--to keep her quiet.


That is one heckuva list, folks.  And that's only a portion of what they do and who they show they are and repeatedly.

So between what they do to us all and who they seem to repeatedly show themselves to be, I have to ask America....

Why do we elect these people?

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