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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Missouri Republicans, You're Killing Us Out Here

Seriously depressing news out of our state today and lately.

First this, from the Star:

GOP Missouri candidate says feminists have 'snake-filled heads,' wants fiancée to cook him dinner every night

Senate candidate wants daughters to be homemakers

More on this Right Wing, Republican clown:

And this wouldn't just be for wives, either, with this guy.

Republican Senate candidate is slammed for calling feminists 'she devils', saying his  daughters will be homemakers and that he expects his fiancée to cook him dinner every night

This would all be marvelous, sure, if maybe companies and business owners paid a good, true,fair living wage but in 2018 America, presently, that's not happening. Besides, this would only be great if it's an option. It shouldn't be commanded, as Mr. Sykes seems to want it.

Republicans, not done there, what we get from them and their philandering Governor:

Greitens’ budget speeds up Missouri’s slide to mediocrity

As so frequently happens with Republicans, as we saw in the last few years in Kansas, they want to slash taxes for the wealthy and corporations--because, hey, they just don't have enough--they also, then, cut education budgets, rather mindlessly.

Again, this is what we get with Republicans, folks.

Keep it in mind this coming November.



MAGAman said...

To be fair, western feminism is cancer.

Mo Rage said...

Anyone who thinks or believes that simply doesn't understand feminism or chauvinism or our societies from time immemorial to today.