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Sunday, September 10, 2017

You Should Be Watching This

A documentary on Jackie Robinson is on this evening on PBS and KCPT. It's part one of this series by, again, no surprise, Ken Burns.
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It is fantastic.

What Jackie Robinson did and what he--and his wife--went through is just incredible.

And PBS, showing this now.

Incredible. Brilliant. 

We need to know this history, period, but it's especially important and relevant just now, at this time, with racism, once again, rearing its ugly head. No surprise but another Ken Burns documentary. And then with Colin Kaepernick, standing up against injustice, just as Jackie did?  It's extremely poignant.

We need, however, as a nation, to stop having to relearn these lessons. We should know all this already. We went through it. We shouldn't have to go through it again, to learn it once more.

Oh, and Buck O'Neil is even in it so all the more reason to watch.

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