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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Trump Fits the Republican Party After All

There are and have been many things about Donald Trump that aren't Republican Party policy and platform, famously, and it has driven and still does drive a lot of them near mad. He certainly fits no mold. When you don't know much and your guiding goals are your own success and increased fortune instead of even your declared political party's goals, let alone your nation's, it's very unlikely you'll fit neatly in any given box.

All that said, the New York Times today has an insightful article today. In the paper version, it's titled "A 'Trump Doctrine' Is Born." Here's the headline when searching for it online.

Donald Trump's Plan 

to Save Western Civilization 

This is the byline description of the article: "'America First' has become 'Defending the West.'"

When you think of it, how perfect, how fitting is it for this President, Donald Trump, to have had a campaign slogan and now a presidency that declares "America first"?

It's incredibly fitting.

This is, after all, the Republican Party. It's the political party of people who have been fighting for the already-wealthy and corporations for the last 100 years, at minimum.

So when a multi-millionaire--or possible billionaire?--becomes President through and with that same political party, it should be no surprise, then, that he adopts a policy and platform and slogan that is all about "America first." It's all about us, America, the world's richest nation, probably, somehow either only emphasizing keeping our wealth or, more likely, growing and increasing that wealth.

Nothing about helping the less advantaged. Nothing of helping the poor, the staring, the sick, the needy. Just "America first!" To heck with anybody and everybody else. 

His and their healthcare plan, if you can call it that, is more of the same. It provides yet more tax cuts for those already-wealthy while dropping, it's estimated, 32 million Americans from their health insurance and so, health care.

Now that's sick.

So yes, "America first!"  The rest of you freeloaders, get busy. Get back to work. You think we made all this money by someone just giving it to us?

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