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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What We Wouldn't Have With That Other President

From Facebook yesterday--

trump and hillary on fishing

A reminder of what Hillary Clinton WOULDN'T be doing right now if she were the President she should be, given that she earned 3 million more American votes than the current occupant:

-Taking away your healthcare

-Rolling back your Social Security benefits

-Rolling back your Medicare benefits

- Choosing which religions are okay for you to practice

- Slowing tourism to the United States

- Punishing people for being gay or transgender

- Destroying the EPA and the Dept. of Education

- Rolling back clean water and air protections

- Deregulating Wall Street

- Allowing companies to dump waste in waterways

- Appointing people who hate government agencies to run them

- Attacking the press

- Wasting $22 billion on a useless wall

- Giving racist organizations encouragement

- Giving Russia encouragement

- Appointing Supreme Court justices who oppose gun legislation and Roe V. Wade

- Destroying climate change regulations

- Golfing every weekend

- Taking 

- Defunding Planned Parenthood

- Shamelessly shilling for her family businesses, hotels, clothing lines, jewelry

- Refusing to make public her taxes

- Ending funding of the Arts and Public broadcasting

- Paying to secure three "White Houses" in three states

- Rolling back your democratically chosen option to smoke marijuana.

There's more but already, that's a long, long, even scary list.

How long are you going to tolerate this, America?

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