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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Trump Presidency and Its Very Rough Last 24 Hours

We're still, still in the first 100 days of this Donald Trump presidency and already it's in awful messes. This has been a rough, very, very rough 24 hours for him, personally and politically and for his White House and administration. Some examples. This broke yesterday and was bad, is bad for the administration, even just outwardly.

It got a lot worse from there.

Trump levels extraordinary threat 

against GOP conservatives

Trump Goes After Conservatives 

of Freedom Caucus

And the responses by people in the Republican Party as well as in the Tea Party and on the extreme Right is predictable---but wonderful.

Tea Party leader 'disgusted' by Trump's attack 

on Freedom Caucus

It's making for a lot of big messes for this President, the White House, his administration and the government, overall.

Then this hit yesterday afternoon. Huge news:

Mike Flynn Tells FBI He Will Testify 

In Exchange For Immunity

It seems President Trump's former National Security advisor knows something, likely knows things, could be in trouble himself 

This is especially telling, given his opinion and statement from just one year ago.

At it's core, this issue is huge, for the President, again, for his administration and for the nation, truth be told.

Evidence suggests Trump associates may have colluded with Russiansofficials say

And it has the Republican Party in trouble, as well.

Trump's failing presidency has the GOP 

in a free fall

The end result is just patently not good for this President, his Presidency or, honestly, the nation.

Meanwhile, this just happened.

This clearly very insecure, temperamental, hot-headed man who knew very little of government or the Presidency is likely very angry, at least, just now, with all this going on.


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