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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Success That is Obamacare

Breaking news this week on Obamacare show the costs of health care are, in fact, not just low and lower but even lower than expected. This broke in the last 2 days:

This is from business-friendly, traditionally conservative Forbes magazine:

CNN Money:

USA Today:

Obamacare subsidies slash costs for low-income consumers

Even the always Right Wing Washington Times agrees the costs are lower:

Robert Reich puts it well yesterday also, on his Facebook page:

Remember when opponents of Obamacare claimed it would bankrupt America? New cost projections, published yesterday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, show the law costing 29% less over the next five years than the CBO first estimated. The reason: Healthcare costs are rising more slowly than previously assumed. Why the slowdown? (1) Larger co-payments and deductibles have caused consumers to rein in their own spending on healthcare, (2) Obamacare has caused providers to improve efficiencies in delivering healthcare, and (3) The law has also created incentives for more preventive care, thereby reducing the incidence of costly chronic diseases (heart disease, some cancers, and diabetes).
Bottom line: Obamacare is on the way to proving itself a huge success. But that doesn’t seem to matter to Republicans who are still out to kill it.

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