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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The NFL: The Perfect, Selfish, Heartless, Capitalist Business?

I pointed out here before how the National Football League, the NFL, amazingly doesn't pay any tazes.

None, whatever.

They're a "non-profit", according to the Internal Revenue Service:

How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers 

Now, it turns out the NFL doesn't want to even pay a true, minimum wage, either:

Isn't that beautiful?

And if you're an NFL team owner, like Clark Huntand the Hunt family, and you want to have your stadium renovated, what do you do? Why, you do what the Kansas City Chiefs (KCChiefs)  and even the Kansas City Royals do and go with your hat in your hand, out to the city and county you're in and ask--or blackmail--the people there to take the expense on themselves, even if they are middle- or lower-class schlubs.  You know, people who are trying to make a living and who are trying to keep their heads above water, financially, and who, by the way, DO pay tazes.


This has got to make the people over at Walmart green with envy. Up to now, with this information, they likely thought they had the perfect profit-making, people-abusing business model and profit center.

And the question is, America:  why do we tolerate this nonsense, this abuse?

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