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Friday, April 11, 2014

Senate Republicans turn American history on its head

I don't know if you were paying attention two days ago but, as the title above says, Senate Republicans just further turned American history on its head.

I think all of us were taught, in grade school and middle and high school, all, that America was about equality and fairness.


Well, nuts to all that, say those Senate Republicans, yet one more time with their vote Wednesday this week:

Despite weeks of heavy messaging, Democrats failed to get a single GOP vote as the third attempt in recent years to pass the wage equality legislation fell six votes short.
“The promise of equal pay for equal work should not be a partisan issue — it should be a matter of common sense and fairness, an essential step for the security of our families, the growth of our economy, and the strength of our middle class,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a statement after the vote.
“Unfortunately, Senate Republicans disagree,” she added.
I say again, why any woman--any woman--in this nation would vote Republican, for this political party or for anyone in it is beyond me.
Now that I'm at it, why would black Americans vote for them? Republicans have come out against renewing the Civil Rights Act. 
Gays? Republicans are famously, famously against equality here, too, for gay Americans.
The elderly? Unless their wealthy, of course?  Republicans are for dismantling Social Security.
Hispanics? Republicans are notoriously against immigration reform of virtually any sort.
It truly seems the only people left to vote Republican are white, wealthy men.
Well, and any middle- and lower-class American the Republicans are able to dupe.

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