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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

This President Is An Actual Assault on the Nation, Democracy and Our Democracy

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This very false, so transparent "Obamagate" this President has created and thrown out there is one thing, that's bad enough, untrue, empty and shallow as it is. Here is what's worst about all this:

"Trump is weaponizing the American government to distract from his catastrophically incompetent pandemic response and the crushing economic fallout."

It is Mr. Trump's eating away at our Democracy, at Democracy itself, at our Constitution, at our laws and our nation that is most frightening. Check this next one out.

He Trump seems to think and act as though this is his own money, that we're not a nation, a Democracy. Sure, he and the Republicans want to get fewer and fewer Americans voting at any time but especially this November. They have no qualms whatever in disenfranchising Americans, American citizens, American taxpayers. More people need to see and know this for the very large problem it is, again, for the nation, for Democracy, for our Democracy, no overstatement.

Even Fox's Neil Cavuto has called him out now.

Everyone is either 100% with and for this President or he sees them as against him. It's an insane way to go through life but it's a dangerous way for a nation's leader to view the world.

Vote this Fall, folks. Be sure to vote. And vote blue, naturally.


Anonymous said...

Sure. As liberals and democrats demand Americans to foot the bill for more illegal immigrants, demonize those who hold American traditions close to them, demonize law enforcement, blame everyone except themselves for the problems in democrat-run inner cities while at the same time demanding more handouts and tax dollars to ‘fix’ the problems, use ‘race’ to bludgeon those who want to preserve America’s sovereignty, threaten to remove fossils fuels and spend trillions on ‘green energy’, appease foreign enemies like Iran who threatens the destruction of Israel and America, continually try and replace American workers with foreign workers, continually ignore the threat of communist China, continually vote in those who hate America (Tlibe and Omar) into our Congress, etc., no one is going to support the democrats’ agenda as long as they move further and further to the left. Just isn’t going to happen.

Mo Rage said...

Gosh, (coward) Anonymous, I'm so glad you're connected to reality.

Democrats aren't demanding we "foot the bill for illegal immigrants in any way, for starters. Now you're just demonizing Democrats. Here's some facts for you:

US immigrants pay billions of dollars in taxes each year

Apparently you aren't aware we are a nation of immigrants, also.

"...demonize those who hold American traditions close to them..." That's so vague and vacuous, there's no way of knowing to what you're trying to refer.

"...demonize law enforcment..." This is rich. This is especially timely just this moment as two very white men accosted and then shot and killed---with a shotgun---a black man in Georgia who was out jogging in his mother's neighborhood. One, a former police officer. Shot and killed the man on site, in moments. Not arrested. Not charged. Not held, nothing. Months later, only recently, they were finally, finally arrested and charged when video of the shooting/killing was distributed.

You mean "demonizing" like that? No doubt.

"...blame everyone except themselves for the problems in (D)emocrat-run inner cities..."

Again, who but you and your no doubt Republican, Right Wing and very likely racist friends know what you're trying to refer to here. But thanks.

"...demanding more handouts and tax dollars to 'fix' the problems..." Apparently you don't know that's how government works, that that's what government is for.

"use 'race' to bludgeon those who want to preserve America's sovereignty..." Again, for a third time, who even knows to what you think you are or you are trying to refer. Vague much?

"...threaten to remove fossil (sic) fuels and spend trillions on 'green energy..."

So glad you brought this one up.

First, fossil fuels actually cost more, far more, than green, clean, sustainable energy, both at the pump or gauge where they are tracked, as well as after because with green energy, there are no spills, no clean up, etc. You and I actually pay less for these fuels than fossil fuels so that shoots your idea right there. Additionally, green energy doesn't get the tax subsidies fossil fuels do so again, you and I pay far less for them. And then there's the little issue of global warming and climate change---one more reason we need to transition to green energy. So again, thanks for bringing that up.

And green energy is to "appease foreign enemies like Iran"? Now you clearly don't know of what you're trying to speak or you're trying to pull that one out of your, uh.... ear. News flash: Iran sells oil.

"...continually vote in those who hate America into our Congress..." So tell me, be honest. You don't like Tlibe and/or Omar because they're women or because of their "foreign sounding last name"? Or is it both?

So yeah, thanks for writing. And please don't wear a face mask, like your leader.