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Sunday, September 16, 2018

How Bad Are Trump and the Republican Party?

This bad.

Even old, rich white guys are bailing now.

First this one.

Money Talks. Will the G.O.P. Listen? 

Seth Klarman was once the biggest donor to the Republican Party in New England. This year he’s giving some $20 million to Democrats.

Not done there, this is today.

a man wearing a suit and tie

Wealthiest Republican supporter in Ohio 

quits party 

The wealthiest supporter of the GOP in Ohio said Thursday that he is no longer a member of the Republican Party.

"I just decided I'm no longer a Republican," L Brands CEO Leslie Wexner said during a panel discussion at a leadership summit, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Wexner, who said he's been a Republican since college, added...he "won't support this nonsense in the Republican Party" anymore.

Note, too, these two articles both came out just this week, in the last two days.

I tell you.

It's enough to give a person hope.

(That said, VOTE!! And VOTE BLUE!! #BLUEWAVE )

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