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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On Brussels

I am personally sick to death of people who think somehow that blowing up other civilians, strangers advances their cause. It's beyond disgusting.

The bad thing is that they killed and hurt lots of innocents.

The good thing is that they did it with suicide vests.


Radioman KC said...

I don't think we fully understand their motivation. Haven't you noticed that most of these religious zealots have NOTHING. No particular loved ones. Not even children to look forward with pride to watch grow. Alienated. No pride... not even attractive. Disassociated with society. They have no respect for virtue. I don't see love in them.

There are lots of people like that. Angry. Nothing to look forward to. Depersonalized, almost like soldiers robbed of their values. Propaganda can do that. My time in the military, undergoing blind depersonalization, helps me understand what happens to poeple, be they soldiers, members of religious cults or those suffering from intense desocialization with normal society.

Kids blow up schools who lose their hope. One understand the boys of Columbine and why they shot up their school. Anger. Despondency. The boy who shot up the first grade class of kids.

This is why it was never a good idea to make guns so accessible. It gives the disassociated the tools of mass murder. We need to do a great deal more on the internet to rid it of messages that spread these negative thoughts. We need more than ANONYMOUS doign this. Free governments should apply their technical sciences to stamping out this kind of terrorist thinking. It IS a war, isn't it? So lets wage war!

I can't be sure Obama's aggressive enough to take them out. I don't know. Is Trump totally wrong about banning arabs who are non citizens? War is war. We do not want the US to be as vulnerable as Europe has allowed itself to become!

Just how politically INCORRECT actually IS racial/cultural profiling? And when are the Europeans going to up their ante to stop the invasion into their continent? ANd when will WE? We are certainly capable of canceling visas from rogue nations citizens!

Mo Rage said...

Against multi-culturalism?

We aren't supposed to live together? Everyone is supposed to stay in their own corner, in effect?

If that isn't a form of racism, I don't know what is.