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Monday, February 2, 2015

Jefferson City Republicans not Legislating for the People

Well, there they go again.

The Republicans down in Jefferson City were at work today and look what they came up with:

It seems we maybe were getting closer to our local police departments being more and more held accountable for what they do on the job but lo and behold, the "small government" Republicans want to jump in and protect the police, not the people.

The police are going to start getting cameras on themselves, likely, filming their day at work, and these people want to keep any results of that video away from the people.

Once again, does this make any sense at all?

If the officers have cameras on and they are on and running, but you can't see the video, was it ever really there?

Missourians and Americans would simply like to know our police are doing a good job and being fair and, yes, following the law. Is that too much to ask? That's all this was or is for. We'd just like them to be lawful and fair and accountable.

The Republicans want nothing of that for us, clearly.

Link--here's an example of what we'd like to avoid:

Body Camera Footage Captures Fatal Shooting By Police

Video here:

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