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Saturday, October 18, 2014

How Bad Our Politicians, Politics and Elections Have Gotten

This past week, there were two excellent examples of how small our politicians, our politics and our elections have gotten.

Here's the first one:

Michelle Nunn’s Dad Donated To Obama Before She Refused To Say Whether She Voted For Him
I mean really, how "weak-kneed" are you that you can't even own up to whomever you voted for? If you can't do  that, how will you be able to take a real stand if, as you're apparently trying, you're elected to ofifice? It seems clear you would end up being a person who would merely wait for some other, higher up political party official or organization to tell you how to vote and speaak.
And then there was this beauty:

Charlie Crist Cannot Have His Small Fan at Our Debate

This was a real stunner.

It seems Florida Governor Rick Scott was to debate challenger Charlie Crist. No problem, right? But according to the article, Governor Crist wouldn't come out to debate for 7 minutes. It seems he didn't think Mr. Crist had a fan to keep him cool. The Governor thought it disallowed by the rules. The rules read like this:

"Candidates will be fitted with lavaliere microphones and will stand at podiums. Candidates may not bring visual aids, notes, or electronic devices to the debate, but will be provided with a pad and pen to take notes during the debate."

This is how far down, how low our political discourse and elections have gotten. We need to be better than this. We need to rise above this level of discourse and concentrate on what's best for the people and nation, not these small, petty issues.

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