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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yet more amazing stupid out of Jefferson City

The Republicans and Right Wing just won't let up on this issue--or on women and women's rights:

Missouri Lawmakers Are Pushing 32 Separate Abortion Restrictions To Regulate One Clinic


Of all the issues the state legislature could and should focus on in Jefferson City but they keep returning to this one.

Women's reproductive rights.  That's it.  Only one.

Thirty-two bills, if you can believe it, just to shut down the one, last women's clinic in the entire state.

Are they paying any attention whatever to the fact that Interstate 70, from all the way on the East and the Illinois border and St. Louis, all the way through the center of the state and Columbia, all the way West to Kansas City and the Kansas border, needs updating and improving and widening and repairing?

Oh, hell, no.

It's Johnny and Jamey one-notes down there:  "Abortion! Abortion! Abortion!"

It's as I've said before, why any woman would vote Republican is beyond me.

But for that matter, why any black person, or elderly or Hispanic or gay or middle- or lower-class person would, either, is beyond comprehension.

And the thing is, these Republicans aren't bright enough to be embarrassed or ashamed, either, for themselves or their state, either one.

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