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Monday, March 26, 2012

Republican Party seemingly working hard to kill Ron Paul's chances in Missouri

Love him, hate him or don't even care, it seems the staunch, traditional Republicans--the hard core of the Party--are doing their absolute best to squash any chances Ron Paul might have in Missouri of gaining the presidency this Fall. A couple weeks ago, the Party had to shut down the caucus in St. Charles County in St. Louis because it not only wasn't going the way they wanted but because, it seemed, it was going too much for Ron Paul. Now, today, there's this from a St. Louis paper: Ron Paul supporters dominate GOP caucuses in St. Louis, Jackson County "Ron Paul's chances of winning the White House may be minimal, but his supporters dominated the Republican caucuses in St. Louis and Jackson County on Saturday.
Paul's backers won all 36 delegates here while taking about two-thirds of delegates in Jackson County."
I'll never forget that one Republican Presidential debate where Mr. Paul got a whopping 89 seconds off coverage, total, in answering time while the other candidates got, of course, far more time to respond to questions. Don't misunderstand me here, either, as I'm not a Ron Paul supporter. I just find it curious to the point of surprising that Mr. Paul has gotten so little coverage in the press, compared to the other candidates, and that the mainstream Republican Party has so obviously done everything they could in their rather blatant efforts at killing Mr. Paul's chances of being heard, let alone winning the spot at the top of their ticket this November. Sure, he'd be horrible for their chances of winning but they surely threw fairness and openness and at least some of "the people's will" out the window with all this. Links:;;

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