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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where more "welfare" in this country actually goes

There's so much talk and indignation of "poor people on welfare", I think it important to consider the numbers, the actual numbers.  The poor in this country...

Receive less in subsidized benefits than corporations. The US government spends around $60 billion on public housing and rental subsidies for low-income families, compared to more than $90 billion on  corporate subsidies. Oil companies alone get around $70 billion. And that’s not counting the nearly $60 billion a year in tax breaks corporations enjoy by sheltering profits offshore. Or the $700 billion bailout banks got in 2008. (Source:  Think By Numbers)

Want to fix our national spending and budget problems?

Cut corporate welfare.

Oh, and defense spending. Cut that bloated, wasteful, biggest source of spending in the country big time.  And soon as possible.

From the article:

20 Things the Poor Do Everyday That the Rich Never Have to Worry About

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