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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Outrageous, unacceptable and nearly unbelievably stupid, and in Kansas City

When I saw the headline, I thought, "somewhere down South. Tennessee, Mississippi, maybe Florida."  The headline?

So I read.  And got a huge shock and disappointment. It was from right here in Kansas City:
Open carry advocates often tell us that they are acting for everyone’s best interest because they are standing up for personal freedoms. In Kansas City, they are bringing the point home.
Jose Montanez is the owner of two high end barber shops, in Kansas City and nearby Shawnee who decided when Kansas recently enacted a law legalizing open carry that he did not want his barber shops to be bristling with openly displayed weaponry.  To that end, he posted signs on his doors advising his customers that the shops do not allow weapons on the premises.
Montanez is unfazed by the criticism and threats of boycott rolling in from various gun nuts. He’s confident that his shops deliver a service that people want and will prosper without their business and says that he will know what is going on in his shop.
“If somebody walks into the establishment with a gun in their hand, I am automatically going to assume it’s bad news,” he told KCTV-TV.
Fortunately, besides the people protesting him and his shop's policy, he's also gotten support.


Ben j said...

This is last week's news. Try to keep current if you're going to rage.

Lazy blogger.

Sevesteen said...

Most of the gun rights activists I'm aware of are not in favor of the current version of open carry activism, even though most are in favor of open carry in general.

Open carry should be legal--even where legal it isn't common. Businesses should have the legal right to restrict or ban either open or concealed carry. I don't have a problem with a business that bans open carry, I'll continue to shop there. I avoid where practical businesses that ban concealed carry.

Open carry for activism has been used successfully and responsibly--Ohioans for Concealed Carry have used it with rules. Don't handle guns, leave them slung or holstered, be identifiable as a political group, notify local law enforcement, and respect private property owners that don't want to be involved.

Showing up at a business without their prior permission carrying a rifle is both rude and counterproductive.

..and "gun in their hand" isn't the same as a holstered or slung gun.