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Monday, July 21, 2014

Missouri's National Pharmaceutical Distinction

The New York Times points it out today:

"Welcome to Missouri - America's Drugstore. We aren't just allowing abuse, we've created a business model for dealers."
DR. DOUGLAS CHAR, an emergency room physician in St. Louis, on Missouri's status as the only state in the nation that refuses to establish a prescription drug database.

It's based on their article today:


In declining to keep a prescription drug database, the state has hampered its ability to combat abuse and also drawn buyers from neighboring states.

So once again and as usual, we'd like to thank the Republican majority legislators in the Jefferson City, Missouri statehouse for yet one more glorious distinction for our state.

But hey, we have "less government" and "smaller government", right?

Because, of course, this doesn't have to do with women's reproductive rights and women's bodies. We want to own those.

God help us.

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