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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

KC Catholics in NY Times this morning

Actually the Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic diocese, taking a hit:

CHICAGO — A Roman Catholic diocese in Missouri has been ordered to pay $1.1 million to victims of sexual abuse for breaking its promises on improving the way it deals with abuse cases.

An arbitrator ruled that the
Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph is responsible for damages after concluding that, contrary to a prior agreement, it did not promptly report a priest who had taken hundreds of pornographic photographs of young girls, according to a filing in circuit court in Jackson County, Mo.

The case grew out of a $10 million settlement with abuse victims in 2008, under which the bishop, Robert Finn, promised that he would report those suspected of child abuse to law enforcement officials in the future. At the time, Bishop Finn said in a statement that he agreed to rules “that should assure our community, our congregation and our families that the diocese will continue in its exercise of vigilance and in its devotion to training and education so that we may be confident that there will never, ever be a repeat of the behaviors, the offenses or the claims that have been associated with this matter.”

But the 18-page court filing says that promise was violated in 2010 in the case of the
Rev. Shawn Ratigan, a diocesan priest who was discovered with hundreds of photographs of girls, including so-called upskirt images, on his laptop. Although the presence of the computer images was reported to church officials, law enforcement authorities were not notified.

And here is where it gets good, at least to me and some of us:

In 2012, Bishop Finn was found guilty of one misdemeanor charge for failing to report Father Ratigan, who was arrested in 2011 and pleaded guilty the next year to child pornography charges. He was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison.

So, okay, sure, today we find the local Catholic diocese is fined another $1.1 million. Fine.

What seems the more important, bigger, still-pending issue is that one man, one Bishop Robert Finn was, as a reminder, found guilty in a public court AND HE STILL HAS HIS SAME JOB IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Is that a great organization or what?

In what other organization, what company, do you think you could be found derelict in the completion of your duties and still have your same job?

And it's not as though he was some lowly janitor or something. He was entrusted to protect the people of the diocese, especially and particularly the students, the children of that same diocese.

So I ask you, especially you Catholics out there:

Why does Bishop Robert Finn still have his job?

And why do you allow this?

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