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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Roosevelts, then and now

Ken Burns  has, once again, done what already seems to be a wonderful documentary on history, American history, this time with The Roosevelts: An Intimate History. By this, is meant President Theodore, "Teddy", President Franklin, FDR and Franklin's wife, First Lady Eleanor.

They are, each, fascinating, hard-working, accomplished people, as so many of us know, sure. But it's all doubly- and maybe triply-fascinating because they were all from the same patrician family.  Added to that is that they all worked for the American people, instead of for their fellow wealthy families and/or corporations.

And while all this is fantastic and interesting and so great to look forward to, since it gets played for the first time this Fall, it also begs a terrific question for us and for America.

Who is and where are America's Roosevelts today?

Who is and where are the people who would have so much wealth, and yes, education and world exposure but that would still push so much against the wealthy and super-wealthy and corporations and put the Americans first, instead?

It certainly wasn't and isn't the Bush family, to state the blatantly obvious.

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