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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A lesson for the Star and for all newspapers that want to survive

From yesterday's New York Times:

As USA Today's publisher, the veteran newsman Larry Kramer is hoping America's largest-circulation newspaper will thrive in a world of social media and mobile platforms.

As I've pointed out before here, The New York Times did and is doing it, Yahoo did it. Heck, most all media sources understand this is what they must do.  From what I've seen of the Star, they still don't get it. They don't pay anyone, staff or locals, to videotape little bits of local events, especially the big ones, and then post them on their website. They do "photo galleries" but that's as close as it gets. They also cover things like this instead of more specifically local events:

‘Idiot’ takes selfie during Spain’s running of the bulls

As I write this, on Monday afternoon, their website offers 7 video links from the front page. One is on jumping jacks becoming the state exercise, two are on the Royals, two are on Schlitterbahn's new ride and one is on the Chiefs.  

That's it.

They need to become a multi-media site and source of local, state and regional events and people or they will surely be left in a dust heap. 

And sooner, rather than later.

See for yourself:    Kansas City Star

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