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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Apparently we should have built the world's biggest water slide long ago

Who knew Schlietterbahn's "World's Biggest Water Slide" would get Kansas City so much national and international media coverage?  Now there's this from PBS' Newshour with Jim Lehrer:

They had up the same Schlitterbahn YouTube promotional video I posted here earlier and then had this to say about it:

It’s named the Verr├╝ckt, which in German means “insane”.

At 168 feet tall, or 17 stories high, it has the seal of approval from Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest water slide. To be among the first to ride it, get in line on Thursday at the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, Kansas, but be forewarned: its opening has already been delayed twice for additional testing.

The first humans to take the test plunge were the slide’s engineer and the designer of the water park, seen in the video above. Those brave enough to try the slide will ride in four-person rafts at speeds of 60 to 70 per hour.

At least I learned a new German word.

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