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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Governor Sam, on a wonderful--and well-deserved--shortlist

From Alternet today:

What they have to say about the Guv:

 Kansas Pro-Business Libertarian Sam Brownback. Most pundits consider Kansas to be an irrevocably red state, but voters are apparently rethinking their anti-government attitudes after seeing what Gov. Sam Brownback, the former U.S. senator, has done as governor. Brownback ran on a platform that embraced the conservative fantasy that cutting corporate taxes would create so much economic growth that revenues would balloon and cover public programs. Brownback’s plan, adopted after taking office, is spectacularly backfiring. State tax revenues have fallen by 9 percent, leading to cuts in teacher salaries, larger classrooms, draining the state’s rainy day fund, and lowering its bond rating. Brownback, like other GOP governors who like to throw their weight around (i.e., New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christy), is under investigation by the FBI for “whether members of his inner political circle tried to pressure companies to hire certain lobbyists close to Brownback’s administration,” the AP reported.
Brownback faces House Minority Leader, Democrat Paul Davis, who has made the state fiscal crisis the top issue in his campaign. On May 30, Kansas’s Department of Revenue reported that Brownback’s 2012 tax plan created a $310 million shortfall for the current fiscal year. Davis’s first messages have called for “leadership, not experiments.”   
I think the writing is, so to speak, on the wall on this for the good Guv. I'd be extremely surprised if the citizens of Kansas don't give Mr. B the boot this Fall.
We shall see.


Anonymous said...

All that Sammy boy will do is to blow the three dog whistles to sail to an easy victory: 1. Abortion 2. gay marriage 3. immigration.
Brownback will stomp Davis.

Mo Rage said...

I wouldn't count on that. All the media indications are against Sam. It's stacking up against him, especially the business, economy and tax coffers information.

Besides, what have we heard from him? Nothing.

No, I wouldn't be too confident on it this time. It doesn't look good for him.