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Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Most Expensive Presidency Ever?

I saw this article today out on FB:

Trump Tower security is costing the 

US taxpayer $400000 every single day

There are so many things about this to know and keep in mind, it's pretty stunning.

That figure alone, $400,000 per day---nearly one half million dollars a day for security for the man in the White House who has not divested and who will not divest from his portfolio, Emoluments Clause or no.

Screw you, America. He has money to make.

Forget that it could--and likely would--cloud his decision making for and on the nation. He and his money are far too important to be bothered with our legality and laws.

Second, think about this. Do some math.

$400,000 per day turns out to be--wait for it--146 million dollars per year.

Just for this President. And only because he won't, again, divest himself of his business portfolio and hey, it's more fun flying back to NEW YORKE SITTY so he can be in his own tower on whatever floor, surrounded by very tacky, lowbrow gold furniture and furnishings.

New Yorkers have to love the inconvenience of having this bonehead in town, too, don't you know? Blocking the streets, making traffic yet more impassable. It must be even more awful.

Then, let's do some more math, fellow Americans.

Over four years---if, God forbid, he makes it that long, given what we've seen of the first two weeks--Mr. Trump and his very reckless, impetuous presidency would cost us, cost you and I, cost the nation 584 million dollars.

Just to keep his tower, his building and him, secure.

That's just under two thirds of a billion dollars.

For security.

For this one President.

Understand and keep in mind not just that this is unprecedented (spelled and used correctly here, please note), but how completely unprecedented this all is. No president has ever needed or required or asked for this kind of security and protection. We've never had this kind of additional, unnecessary expense before. 

This, on top of the fact that Mr. Trump never divested of his business holdings, make this one of the most dangerous and expensive presidencies in the history of the nation, without question.  It's a dangerous presidency because of the risks we incur getting him in and out of New York City but also because of those same risks just having him there, fulfilling his selfish whims.

That it's the most expensive presidency we have ever seen or will likely ever see is shown just in the math, above.

So much for Right Wingers, "Conservatives" and Republicans wanting to be the government of small spending, eh?

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