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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Kudos to The New York Times: "The Truth Is Hard"

The New York Times today ran a full page ad in their paper on "the truth." As with so much at The Times, it's intelligent and simple and correct. It's even strong. And we need it now, especially with this obfuscator/hypocrite/redefiner of the truth in the White House. The paper is also doing this, tonight:

Truth Is Hard,' Says New York TimesFirst-Ever Oscars Ad

Seems they're also going to hit The Orange One where it hurts--on one of the most-watched nights of television in the year. Here's the ad:

So good for them. Good for The Times and good for us. Great for us. We need to hold this man accountable, to all of us. We need to hold him accountable to, yes, the truth but to justice and equality and a host of other things that, from anyone else, we could assume.

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