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Saturday, February 4, 2017

New President and Congress Show For Whom They're Actually Working, Already

Check out what the Republicans in Congress have done and are doing for the already-wealthy and corporations--and against the people, ultimately, against the nation and the nation’s best interests since they took over the White House and got back in Congress only two weeks ago.

--Scrapping Dodd-Frank so the big banks can be yet more unregulated and take us ever-closer to one more economic, national and possibly, if not likely, international melt-down

--Scrapping rules against coal companies dumping coal ash into streams

--Scrapping required background checks for the officially mentally unstable

--Scrapping rules that require financial advisers to act on their clients best interests. Those clients would be you and me.

--Scrapping methane rules so corporations can pour yet more methane into our atmosphere

Don't believe it? See for yourself.

And then this sort of Republican President, Trump, wants to further erode the separation of church and state by letting churches be political. Ironically, he said it at the National Prayer Breakfast a few days ago.

Want to see a real beauty? Want to see who this new President Trump and his Republican colleagues are really working for? There's nothing any more telling than this little exchange that took place this week, just a few days ago.

Finally, here's another. One last, late breaking example of who Mr. Trump and all the Republicans in Congress are actually working for. And it's not you and me, Mr. and Mrs. middle- and/or lower-class America.

G.O.P. Hurries to Slash Oil and Gas RulesEnding Industries’ 8-Year Wait

During the campaign for the office he now holds, Mr. Trump said we Americans pay too high prices for drugs and pharmaceuticals in the nation. Like he had to tell us, right? Now? Now that he's President and in the White House and has the power to do anything?  Yeah, well, never mind...

Mind you, this is only the first two weeks, ladies and gentlemen. Who can even imagine what they have in store for us even this month, this year, let alone the next four or six years, depending on the length of their respective terms in office?


Sevesteen said...

Dodd-Frank says it is regulation protecting us from financial market problems. It does the opposite, it is likely to make the financial market more fragile, it makes it harder for local small banks to compete with megabanks. Deposit insurance should cover only ordinary middle class deposits, the tax system shouldn't favor debt. Let banks decide how they will loan money as long as it is based on sound financial reasons--If every bank has to follow exactly the same policies that makes it more likely that more banks will fail at the same time. Look beyond the title of bills.

If this were just people with dangerous conditions who were to be added to the "no guns" list with appropriate due process, then there would be little or no controversy. When the law includes people on social security who sometimes need help managing their finances (like this one did) as "mental defectives" who don't deserve all of the Bill of Rights the (very recent) regulation went too far. There are people who would love to consider any mental health treatment as grounds to remove gun rights, no matter how minor.

Mo Rage said...

The only way, the ONLY way to make sure that banks make loans "based on sound financial reasons" is with regulations. Surely you recognize that. Regulations and regulators. Someone has to watch over the chicken coop and it surely can't be the foxes.

Requiring background checks, nationwide, for people with mental stability and/or criminal history only makes sense.

Well, it only makes sense to most of America and the free, educated, intelligent, adult, responsible world, anyway.