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Sunday, February 19, 2017

America, Due To This President, You're Being Mocked

I don't remember a time in our nation's history when we were this mocked, this lampooned, by not just groups of people outside our nation but by whole nations. With this new President, not a total surprise, we now are. To wit:

Country by country, Europe is trolling Trump 

one video at a time

Swtizerland is said to have begun it all, with this.

Suddenly, that "richest nation in the world" wants to be "America first!"

I guess we just aren't rich enough yet, huh?

Pretty embarrassing.

What isn't stupid from the Orange One, what isn't stupid and irresponsible policies, are stupid statements and ideas and claims, sometimes, as we've seen already repeatedly, there are outright untruths. Lies.

So again, congratulations, America, congratulations Republicans! You've gotten stupider and more greedy, both, in one fell swoop.

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