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Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Question For CBS News and "60 Minutes"

So yes, a question for the people at CBS News and their news program "60 Minutes."

60 Minutes

Last week, you spent the entire hour on singers and performers because your program was just before the Grammys you were broadcasting that same night.

This week, tonight, you have:
  • who is to blame in the shooting death of an 11-year-old boy? His brother, who was holding the rifle, or the gun itself
  • U.S. war planners estimate half a million people could be killed if a second Korean war breaks out
  • The highest ranking North Korean defector explains why the regime there is more dangerous to the US than ever
And while these are good and relevant stories, we'd like to both suggest a story that seems clearly far bigger and ask why you either aren't covering it or if you will soon.

That story would be on our new President, Trump---and in many facets.

There are many, many different ways in which he is doing things vastly differently than any president ever, first. But more importantly, if not downright scarily, he is doing and saying things that threaten other Americans and even our own democracy as well as Democracy. Here are just a few:

Trump attacks 'dishonest media' 

while making false claims 

This article alone tells a great deal of what this President Trump has done and is doing that is threatening to the nation.

His press conference last week was chock full of untruths and significant problems.

At one point, he insulted and silenced a Jewish member of the press when he wanted to ask if the President was going to say anything about the recent attacks on Jews, nationally.

He threatened California, as one huge departure from American history and precedent.

He's nominated a very Conservative judge for the Supreme Court.

Trump picks conservative judge Gorsuch 

for Supreme Court

He's made statements about justices on the court----and then taken them back.

Heck, he's even scaring Right Wingers and Republicans who would otherwise, you'd think and assume, be supporting him.

And Senator McCain isn't keeping it to himself.

There's the issue of the new President's trips to Florida---and their costs.

Trump's Florida trips cost taxpayer money

Trump's Florida vacations are costing local law enforcement $1.5 million in overtime

So the question is, CBS News and "60 Minutes", what does this new President and his administration have to do to get you to cover them? At what point will you report on even one of the many issues of national and international import emanating from this man and his new group of people?

What does this guy have to do to get reported on by you all?

Does he have to "shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue", so to speak?

When do we get to the "news"? The big news. Really, the biggest news.

NPR, anyway, is doing something about it as one hopeful contrast and example.

NPR has created a team devoted to covering President Trump’s conflicts of interest

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