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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Welcome to the "It's All About Me" Presidency

Our new President (it still stuns me to say that), Mr. Trump is still, still, to this day, pushing the outrageous and proven untrue idea that millions of illegal immigrants voted against him, else he'd have won the popular vote.

We're only less than one week into this Administration and already he's inflicting turmoil in Washington, across the nation and world, in fact, with his paranoia and insecurities.

Undaunted Trump seeks probe of 

debunked voter fraud claim

Here's the ugly, even scary truth of the matter:

Trump’s disregard for the truth threatens his ability to govern

Apparently, this helped get him riled.

White House sources say Trump was ‘visibly enraged’ at the size of the Women’s March

It must come from his TV viewing.

White House Sources Say Trump Was 'Visibly Enraged' at the Size of the Women's March: Report

He wouldn't take intelligence briefings, prior to becoming President but he would, apparently, watch lots of television.


Meanwhile, he's far too slick for our national news media and he's getting off easy.

In fact, this is starting to look Fascist, no exaggeration.

Four More Journalists Slapped With Felony Charges for Covering Inauguration Unrest

And look what he's doing to our own EPA.

'It's Day 4 and It's Already Happening': Rachel Maddow Sounds the Alarm on Trump's Science Gag Order

And here's Mr. "Small Government", Conservative, "Get Government Out of Your Life" Republican President Trump:

What, exactly, does "send in the Feds" mean? Isn't that martial law? Really? That's what you want?

And due to Mr. Trump's bravado, China is now arching its back and bristling their fur.

It's going to be a long and, I fear, scary, turbulent four years, ladies and gentlemen and it's only just begun, we're only less than a week into it all.

As I keep saying, God help us.

As ever and always, Tom Tomorrow has it right.

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