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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Scary News Breaking Last Night From House Republicans


Check this out. Breaking news from late last evening from two different sources.

House Republicans vote to eviscerate 

the Office of Congressional Ethics

So much for being independent.  They just said to you and I, to the nation, that they didn't want to have to be held to or responsible for any ethics rules or laws or commissions.

Sneaky b*st*rds

This is yet one more perfect example of how Republicans put their political party first. Screw the nation. Screw the people. To hell with all that. It's how they got in the White House. It's why they control Congress still longer.

Screw you, America. It's "Us first!"

This is who's in charge just now, America. This is who's in charge of our government. This is what and who you voted for.

And they're doing their own work, for themselves, not for you and I or for the nation.

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