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Thursday, January 5, 2017

And So It Begins

The 115th Congressional session, this very Republican Party, Right Wing, ultra-Conservative Congress has begun...   And with a vengeance.  See for yourself. Here was their first move, famously, infamously, just before the session began.

Fortunately, the American people rose up, thanks to social media, raised hell and this was squashed. The cowards wisely backed off.

That's not to say they're done, however. Far from it. This is what they started two days ago, God help us.

And now, this. A pièce de résistance, really.

Republicans prepare legislation to 

defund United Nations

It's lead by that political and governmental rocket scientist Rep. Louie Gohmert, no surprise.

Our political world is coming apart with these chuckleheads. This is terrific. Just when nationalism is spreading around the world, nation by nation, these idiots want to tear down the one place we try to all get together, as a world, and solve international problems. 


These banana-brains just want to get and stay more and more parochial, more and more, "me, first!" and "Leave us alone!"

Honestly, it really does seem like we're going to Hell in a nearly non-proverbial handbasket.

And The Donald isn't even inaugurated yet.

God help us. God save us from ourselves.

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