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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The First 48 Hours of the Debacle That Is the Trump Presidency

¿Quién le teme a Donald Trump?

How we've begun, how they've begun, in the first two days, the first 48 hours of this new Trump presidential administration. It's at least as bad as we thought/said it would be.

It had an historically low turnout, in terms of Americans being there for the inauguration.

Furthermore, the Women's March on Washington, the next day, was far larger, by multiplications.

Not just scientists but our own, the nation's own, now President Trump's own Secret Service says the inauguration was small.

Seems not that many of us wanted to even watch on television, either.

TV ratings for Trump inauguration far lower 

than for Obama

And not just a little bit lower TV viewership, either.

Mr. Trump himself misrepresented, if not out and out lied, about the numbers and the people there.

FACT CHECK: Trump overstates crowd size 

at inaugural

Apparently this is okay for a Republican president to do. Can you imagine if Barack Obama was caught lying to us all in the first two days of his presidency?

It was followed by yet more lies on those numbers attending by Mr. Trump's White House Press Secretary.

Trump Spokesman's Lecture on Media 

Accuracy Is Peppered With Lies

Mr. Trump then went to the CIA and gave a really awful speech to staffers there and again, attacked the media, along with trying to talk himself up, "bigly" and repeatedly.
Former Director of the CIA John Brennan was stunned and would have nothing of it.

Former CIA Director John Brennan Was 

'Angered' By Trump's CIA Visit

Trump's new Press Secretary, Mr. Spicer, then also scolded the media for "misrepresenting"---read: reporting---the low numbers.

Trump Press Secretary Slams Media 

Over Inauguration Crowd Size

There were protests, for the first time in the nation's history, against Mr. Trump and his presidency.

Protesters rally against Trump 

around the nation

There were protests, again, for the first time, across the globe, famously, in cities across nations, across the planet, against Mr. Trump and his presidency.

PHOTOS: Millions of Women March 

Against Trump on All 7 Continents

Meanwhile, just as we both feared and, in worst cases, predicted, Mr. Trump and his family are, in fact, trying to capitalize on his being in the White House, on his being President. They're prostituting the White House itself and the office of the Presidency.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, fellow citizens of America. The first 48 hours of the Trump Presidency. Only the first 48 hours and the lies and lying and misrepresenting and hell, even the prostitution and hustling of the nation has begun.

Thanks, once more, once again, Republicans.

This will no way get better.

(Who is afraid of Donald Trump?)

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