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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Republican Idiocy On American Health Care, Parts I and II

Idiocy, part I

I just learned, this morning, a bit ago, that the Republicans are claiming one reason they want to do away with the Affordable Care Act, the ACA, "Obamacare" is because health care is so expensive under it.


So health care costs are rising too high---actually, the percent of increased costs with this legislation is far lower than before it--so they want to do away with it.

The fact is, without Obamacare, if they do away with it, this will make it possible to go back the way we were prior to it, when corporations could and would and did raise our prices and costs to the outrageous limits they were already at. There will be no holding back the pharmaceuticals and health insurance companies and all of them, to whatever high amounts they want. The sky will be the limit, if even there. No restraints of any kind.

But they expect lower costs.

Idiocy, part II

The second thing I learned today about the new Republican push on health care, from the morning news programs, is that they want to put the power "back to the individual states." They want to give more "strength", if you can call it that, to the individual statehouses in each state.

Well, first, why wouldn't they? Since they've gerrymandered the voting districts in each state much as they could and put in more voted ID laws and everything else they've done, to disenfranchise as many Americans as possible, they now control more state capitols than the other political party.

Second, since they're the political party of the already-wealthy and corporations, this is magnificent for them and their benefactors, certainly. And it is so strongly.

We're all familiar with "divide and conquer."

Let's not let this happen, America. Let's not let them dismantle the one bit of health care help we've gotten in our nation in the last 50 or more years.

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