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Monday, June 23, 2014

The World's Warmonger

Driving back to Southwest Missouri yesterday afternoon, I came on what seemed to me to be a rather large convoy of diesel trucks about 1/2 way there:

If you'll notice, they're 5 across.

And then this shows they are also 4 deep meaning there are 20 trucks here, total.

It immediately got me thinking, about these trucks, about their destination, everything.

Here they are, our own American government no doubt bought them, likely at full price, from some corporation. 

Then the government--we--had them painted beige--"desert sand", no doubt, right?

And now we're going to send them overseas, to Afghanistan, likely.

Then think about that.

We're pulling out of that war shortly. We're getting out.

But right now, we're probably sending these over there.

Can you imagine the collective costs?

I mean, sure, it's probably only in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and given that the American Pentagon/Department of "Defense" budget is at least $711 billion, this is, certainly a tiny, tiny fraction of that budget.

But wait. It gets more interesting.

As I left, after I took these pictures, 21 MORE of these trucks came convoying up the freeway, no doubt to get with these.

Yet more hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So what's the point?

Can you imagine what all those hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on this portion of war could do for kids in our schools?  Or for any other number of things that would actually be useful and helpful in the world?

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