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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On the next elections

Given Eric Cantor's crashing and burning recently, in his election, and the rise of David Brat and his Tea Party support, there are some things that need to be pointed out:

1) Naturally and very obviously, this helped the Tea Party greatly. Beyond that, it will likely have helped the Koch brothers and their money and all the capability of that money a great deal, also.

2) Thad Cochran, in his upcoming election, will, I predict, lose in his election, and for two reasons, at least. First, he's running against a much younger, newcomer from, yes, the Tea Party, and he's an attractive candidate, at least to some--and likely, enough--people.  Second, Sen. Cochran recently shot himself in the figurative foot when he declared he Did 'All Kinds Of Indecent Things With Animals ....    


3) In New York, I'd have to say, it looks as though 84 year old Representative Charlie Rangel will also likely lose in his race, after all these years in office, and will be sent home. He is the age he is, he was censured in office not that long ago, he's been there since the 70's and he has tough, tough competition. Fortunately, in a way, he has two competitors but it will likely be enough to do him in.

Fascinating stuff. I know I'll stay tuned in.

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